It is that time of year again when we need to start preparing the content for the Clubs annual publication of Thumbprints. The 2018 yearbook will celebrate the 80th anniversary of our Club and will be an extra special edition with more pages, more content and more opportunity for kennel adverts.

Our objective is to provide more ETT content with a wider scope than just the show ring, so if anyone of our members would like to contribute an article of interest, whether that’s covering ETT as a pet, show dog, obedience or agility exponent or any other aspect of life either current or historical please get in touch.

For those people who would like to advertise their dogs/kennels, please start to review your need and get in touch to book your space. Please note that spaces go quickly and last year despite extending the number of pages we still could not cover everyone’s needs. The price of a full page advert will be £35 which is an increase of £5 vs prior year, this additional money will be given to the media committee to invest in our Discover Dogs stand and website.

Please email me for articles and adverts.

Graeme Dixon

Thumbprints Coordinator