The proposed new English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Club logo

Vote at the Annual General Meeting 2019, Saturday 6th April

As part of its work to develop a new portfolio of marketing materials for the ETT Club, the Media Sub-Committee have proposed a change of the official logo. The Committee have decided that adoption of a new logo should be subject to consultation with club members with a view to a final decision being taken at the 2019 AGM.

The current and proposed logos are shown below.

Current logo

First draft of proposed logo

Modified proposed logo, based upon member consultation. This is final version that has been submitted for consideration at the 2019 AGM.

Update from the Media Sub-committee

March 2019

March 2019

The club membership will be voting on whether to replace the club logo at this year’s Annual General Meeting, 6th April.

The proposed logo redesign has been circulated over the last year and has been used on our facebook and club website as well as trialled on print materials at Discover Dogs.

In addition, an extensive effort was made to contact all club members to allow every one the opportunity to give feedback:

  • E-mails to all Committee and Club members with an invitation to submit comments
  • A message to users of Messenger asking for comments
  • Sending a letter to members uncontactable via social media
  • Publicising the consultation twice on Our Dogs Breed Notes

The main modifications suggested were:

  • The stop being too flat and requiring great definition and indentation
  • Shortening the muzzle 
  • The tan on the muzzle extending too far back on the cheek and needing a bit of work on the actual ‘tan’ colour
  • The font size and the boldness of the text requiring enhancement to increase clarity

Sarah Crossling (Media Sub-Committee, Design) has now created a 3rd and final version taking into consideration the above suggestions.

Why change the current logo?

The current logo was originally a digitalised hand drawing and over the years the original file and drawing has been lost and the current file we have is a photocopy taken from a letterhead. It has degraded significantly in quality, making it unfortunately impossible to use on large printed materials.

The proposed logo has been designed sympathetically to the original, redrawn using the outline of the current logo. The belt has been removed to make it cleaner and a “square” format is much easier to use for design purposes (as opposed to a circle). However, a circular version has also been created for use on rosettes and other materials.

Holly Nowell

Media Sub Committee

Statement from the Media Sub-committee

May 2018

May 2018

The origins of the current ETT Breed Club logo are unclear. It is thought that it may have been based on a drawing of a piece of silver ETT jewellery and that it was adopted around the time when the breed name changed in 1963. No original artwork is known to exist and as time has passed the quality of the logo has fallen off as applications of it have been based on Xerox copies, photocopies of photocopies etc. This has reached the point where it is becoming increasingly difficult, even for many ETT owners, to actually identify the dog on the logo as an ETT. There are technical constraints in that the current logo cannot be ‘blown up’ to poster sizes for promotional boards and display panels without losing much of the limited detail it actually has. The current image is also of insufficient quality to allow it to be reproduced through digital technology.

The Media Sub Committee is currently designing a completely new range of promotional materials for the Club. As part of that work they have designed a new logo which respects the general format of the current logo but is:

  • Contemporary in design and ‘feel’ and will stand the test of time
  • Capable of being used in both colour and B&W to reflect all potential applications
  • Sufficiently hi-resolution to be capable of scaling up to large ‘poster’ sizes without losing detail

The Club Committee, as guardians of the logo, are mindful of the role the current logo has played in promoting the breed over the years, and the traditions associated with this, and are of the view that any decision on the potential change of logo should involve consultation with club members through the Club web site and the Club facebook page during 2018, with a final decision on whether to adopt the new logo to be taken at the 2019 AGM.

The profile in the new design follows the current logo but removes the circular belt with the breed name and places the text below the image in a classic font with the full name of the breed – English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan) and the date on which the club was established (1938). This produces a ‘square’ rather than a ‘circular’ logo, which works better in design terms and is capable of a wider range of applications. It would however still be possible to apply a circular format for club rosettes.

The proposed logo will be used in all social media over the next few months to give members the chance to see how it can be used. Club members are invited to give their views on the design for the new logo. They can be made directly on the Club Facebook page if you are happy to let your comments be seen by others, or sent to the Chair of The Sub Committee at [email protected] or to his Messenger account if you would prefer your comments to be private. All comments will be taken into account in the preparation of a report to the Club Committee later in 2018, and in a presentation at the 2019 AGM.

This is a very significant decision for the Club so do take the opportunity to comment. Steve Inch

Chair of the Media Sub Committee

From the designer

May 2018

Our Discover Dogs stand is arguably one of our greatest communication tools, enticing the public to come and make acquaintance with our beautiful breed first hand. In order for our stand to be updated, our logo needed to be vectorised digitally to be used on large printed displays. Unfortunately, it was not possible to do this with the current logo without the original copy.

Our logo is a long-standing part of our history, so I was sensitive to the fact not all members would like to see it updated. For this reason, I used the original composite head as the foundations for the new design and removed the belt opting for a clean font in its place (making it easier to use for a range of applications). I also felt it appropriate to add the date the club was established in celebration of our 80th anniversary year.

We do hope you will recognise the need for the digital update and support the change. We very much welcome all feedback. Sarah Crossling

Graphic Designer, Media Sub-Committee