All About Dogs, Newbury
Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th April

The first day at All About Dogs was the first warm Spring day of the year and as a result the event was well attended. The ETT Club gazebo was very popular with the public!

Everyone loved Sue and Dave’s Bassett’s little ETT Twiggy, as well as Havana the Chihuahua (honorary ETT for the day). Also helping out was Paul and Vicky Williams’ Ron and Gracie – who later placed 6th in the veterans competition.

Finally there was our little pack of ETTs Brian, Terry and Dillie. We met one lady with an ETT who had never seen another one before! She didn’t know about the club, so a potential new member there. Our Terry made friends with a Manchester Terrier, his owner couldn’t believe Terry wasn’t a Mannie too.

Big thanks to Sue, Dave, Vicky, Paul and the army people in the next booth who helped me put up the gazebo. Thanks also to Kim, Ryan, Graham and Pat for organising everything. A great day had by all, especially the dogs.

Mal Hennessey

Many thanks to Mal Hennessey, Roger, Paul and Vicky Williams and Sue and Dave who between them managed the AAD booth at Newbury today on behalf of the Official Club. Dispite the organisers telling us to wear decent footwear because of the boggy ground, I understand the day went extremely well with lovely weather and many admirers of our little dogs. Congratulations to Paul who entered their little dog ‘Tig’ in the Veteran class and came a very respectable sixth. Many thanks to you all.

Pat Newton

Hon. Secretary