The new English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Club logo officially approved at the Club AGM 2019 

The Annual General Meeting 2019 was held Saturday 6th April 2019 at St Peters Hall in Balsall Common, Coventry.

As part of its work to develop a new portfolio of marketing materials for the ETT Club, the Media Sub-Committee proposed a change to the official logo.

After extensive consultation with the committee, membership and breed experts over the course of a year, the logo has now been adopted as the official English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Logo.

Designed by Sarah Crossling (Media Sub-Committee) 

From the Secretary

April 2019

The most historically significant Agenda Item was the proposal to re-design the Club’s Logo and Branding ‘fit for function’. Steve Inch (head of the media sub-committee) gave a full report on the ‘journey’ taken to transition from the existing position to the future proposed position including the in-depth consultation period. This has to be one of the most thorough projects ever undertaken by the Club. Holly Nowell and Sarah Crossling, the technical prowess from within the media sub-committee, were also there to answer any final questions that members had which were all very positive. A vote was taken with a near majority of the members present voting in favour, none voted against and there were four abstentions. The members expressed their gratitude to Steve, Holly and Sarah for all their hard work and in particular the way the consultation process had enabled the members to reach a consensus. I think the media subcommittee would do well in the Brexit negotiations !!

 Ruth Kitson gave an update on the Club Archives; another historically significant part of Club History. Ruth had been working with Steve Inch discussing how the Archive Material could appear on the Club Web-Site. Ruth is in the process of passing archive material on to the media subcommittee so that they can include this on a dedicated part of the club website. When on the website it will be able to be accessed via a link using the old club logo so that this will never be lost but used to point to our Club’s long history. 

Pat Newton


From the Chairman

April 2019

At the AGM there was one important motion for the members to debate, the proposed change to the Club’s logo after nearly one year of consultation.  Many members expressed their views on the change and the Media Sub Committee members were able to outline the creative and technical issues required to reach this stage of development.  It was pleasing to hear so many different voices during the debate and overwhelming vote in support of the change is credit to the diligence and patience of the sub committee members, Steve Inch, Holly Nowell and Sarah Crossling.

Richard Burdon


From the Media Sub-Committee

April 2019

The Media Sub-committee couldn’t have hoped for a better result for the club and the breed. The logo is the foundation of how we present the breed to the wider world, which is of huge importance when a breed is vulnerable like ours. Our focus for 2017-2018 was to bring the club up to date, developing the website and breed stand display materials and improving accessibility for newcomers to the breed. We’re now moving onto some exciting work digitalising the breed archive with the help of Ruth Kitson (Breed Historian and Club Archivist), so watch this space.

Thank you to Steve Inch (Media Subcommittee Lead) for his monumentous efforts in expertly conducting the consultation with members (the key to the success of the project), along with Graeme & Lisa Dixon, Pat & Graham Newton and Richard Burdon for your guidance and encouragement along the way. Thank you to the whole committee and membership for your overwhelming support and thank you to our breed experts for your invaluable comments and detailed suggestions during the consultation process. A big team effort.

Holly Nowell

Website Co-ordinator, Media Sub-Committee