The Club Annual General Meeting 2019

The 6th April was the English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Club’s Open Show and Annual General Meeting. The AGM started promptly at 10am with a few latecomers.

The most historically significant Agenda Item was the proposal to re-design the Club’s Logo and Branding ‘fit for function’. Steve Inch (head of the media sub-committee) gave a full report on the ‘journey’ taken to transition from the existing position to the future proposed position including the in-depth consultation period. This has to be one of the most thorough projects ever undertaken by the Club. Holly Nowell and Sarah Crossling, the technical prowess from within the media sub-committee, were also there to answer any final questions that members had which were all very positive. A vote was taken with a near majority of the members present voting in favour, none voted against and there were four abstentions. The members expressed their gratitude to Steve, Holly and Sarah for all their hard work and in particular the way the consultation process had enabled the members to reach a consensus. I think the media subcommittee would do well in the Brexit negotiations !!

New Official English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Club Logo, adopted 6th April 2019.
Designed by Sarah Crossling.


 Ruth Kitson gave an update on the Club Archives; another historically significant part of Club History. Ruth had been working with Steve Inch discussing how the Archive Material could appear on the Club Web-Site. Ruth is in the process of passing archive material on to the media subcommittee so that they can include this on a dedicated part of the club website. When on the website it will be able to be accessed via a link using the old club logo so that this will never be lost but used to point to our Club’s long history. 

I gave the Members present an update on the historic legacy from over 25 years ago in relation to a piece of land left to the English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Club by Miss Edith Holdstock. I informed the members that the solicitor handling the case had wrongly paid the legacy to a supposed ETT ‘Club’ based in Chester !! Luckily it is not of major value but I will continue to pursue the recovery of the monies via Mrs Holdstock’s Solicitors who have clearly made a significant mistake by not paying the legacy to its intended recipient.

I agreed to stand as Secretary for another three year term and Colin Haffenden was elected as Treasurer, we were both un-opposed. Our retiring Treasurer Rob McLeod had already prepared the 2018 Accounts and a report for members prior to becoming poorly. I updated the Members on Rob’s progress and he was thanked for the professionalism in preparing such detailed yet easily understood accounts. The results of the postal ballot for committee was announced and their roles were decided at the later committee meeting.

I think that has to be one of the most positive and up-beat AGM’s of all time and indicative of the mood and spirit within the Club right now; long may it continue.

After the AGM, Club Show and clearing up, the Committee follow on with a brief Committee meeting to deal with urgent issues and allocate key job roles in line with Club Rules. This needed to be quite brief this year as it was 4.30 when events finished and we needed to be out the hall by 5pm.

A big thank you to Hazel Haffenden for agreeing to still oversee the catering and I hope Nessie Love will still be happy to provide us with her delicious cakes and crumbles.

I would like to say a huge thank you to retiring committee member Jan Fiers. I think I am correct in saying that Jan has been associated with the Committee for at least 15 years – dedication indeed. She has held the role of Treasurer, Chairman of Committee and Health & Safety Officer and has been Steward at most of the Club Shows that I can ever remember. Jan has also been a great help in advising me personally regarding club protocol and rules (there are so many) and I am most grateful for her guidance and advice. Hopefully Jan will still be very much part of our Club and will enjoy showing her dogs. Thank you from us all Jan.

So although a very long day it was most enjoyable and heart-warming to have received so much positive feedback from those that attended.

Pat Newton

Meet your new committee

Club Secretary Patricia Newton
Treasurer Colin Haffenden
Chairman Richard Burdon
Vice Chairman Nick Gourley
Membership Secretary Colin Haffenden
KC Breed Liaison Officer Nick Gourley
Show Manager Richard Burdon
Media Subcommittee Lead Steve Inch
Website Co-ordinator Holly Nowell
JSC Co-ordinator Nick Gourley
Health & Welfare Officer Lisa Dixon
Discover Dogs Co-ordinator Kim Ross
Thumbprints Editor Graeme Dixon
Breed Stall Manager Jan Harman
Health & Safety Officer Richard Burdon
Cup Steward Tim Harman
Breed Education Coordinator Derfel Owen
Puppy Register  Sarah Crossling
Committee Member Julie Baldwin

Media Subcommittee
Annual Club Calendar & Photography
Steve Inch
Web Design & Photography
 Holly Nowell
Graphic Design
 Sarah Crossling

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From the Chairman
April 2019

The 2019 AGM was very well attended by members from all over the country from Scotland down to the south coast of England and across to Wales.  Some members were unable to attend due to ill-health and we wish them a speedy recovery.  Rob McLoud was very much missed although he had produced a fully audited set of accounts that were passed unanimously.  In fact they were so well prepared and presented there were no questions on them at the meeting.  

Each Committee member, with a specific responsibility, gave a comprehensive yet concise update on the progress during the year, so much being achieved.  Pat Newton was again elected as Secretary of the Club and with Rob McLoud standing down Colin Haffenham was ‘promoted’ from Committee member to Treasurer.   For the first time in a number of years a ballot was held for Committee places and all the candidates had something unique to bring to the Club.  Nick Gourley and myself were re-elected to the Committee with an exciting trio of Holly Nowell, Sarah Crossling and Lisa Dixon elected for the first time.  The Club has a truly diverse and experienced Committee in dogs and also their professional experience, only matched by the tremendous enthusiasm displayed by existing and new Committee members alike.   

There was one important motion for the members to debate, the proposed change to the Club’s logo after nearly one year of consultation.  Many members expressed their views on the change and the Media Sub Committee members were able to outline the creative and technical issues required to reach this stage of development.  It was pleasing to hear so many different voices during the debate and overwhelming vote in support of the change is credit to the diligence and patience of the sub committee members, Steve Inch, Holly Nowell and Sarah Crossling.

One rule change was also adopted, to revert back to a secret ballot for Club elections rather than postal ballots.  The meeting concluded with a rather special update on the Archive from Ruth Kitson with more to be revealed on this website in the coming months, watch this space.

The AGM was immediately followed by the annual awards and the positive atmosphere of the AGM spilled (or burst!) over into the awards with much genuine congratulations, support and applause for all those fortunate enough to win.  Well done to all the winners, much hard work and dedication is required to receive such an accolade.

Finally a Committee meeting was held immediately after the Show with the prime purpose of agreeing Committee responsibilities for the coming year.  Richard Burdon