English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Club Championship Show 2018

Saturday 3rd November 2018


English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

Judge: Mr Derfel Owen (Sirfon)

BEST IN SHOW : Ch Witchstone Minnehaha
Reserve Best in Show : Witchstone Fancy a Flutter
Best Opposite Sex : Ch Edalene Grace and Danger SHCM
Bitch CC : Ch Witchstone Minnehaha
Res Bitch CC : Witchstone Fancy a Flutter
Dog CC : Ch Edalene Grace and Danger SHCM
Res Dog CC : Lasagesse Major Tom
Best Puppy in Show
: Witchstone Fancy a Flutter
Best Puppy Dog in Show : Witchstone Odds on Favourite
Best Veteran : Ch Dumyat Belladonna


Best in Show | Bitch CC

Ch Witchstone Minnehaha

Handled by Nick Gourley

Best Opposite Sex in Show | Dog CC

Ch Edalene Grace and Danger

Handled by Rachel Inch

Best Puppy in Show | Reserve Bitch CC

Witchstone Fancy a Flutter

Handled by Nick Gourley/Graeme Dixon

Reserve Dog CC

Lasagesse Major Tom

Handled by Holly Nowell

Best Puppy Dog in Show

Witchstone Odds on Favourite

Handled by Nick Gourley

Best Veteran in Show

Ch Dumyat Belladonna

Handled by Lucinda Allsop

My thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge the Club’s 80thanniversary show; it was an honour and a pleasure for me and I’m grateful to the exhibitors for giving me such a bumper entry and for accepting my judging with sportsmanship on the day.

Health and construction are the most important concerns when breeding and judging and I feel breeders can be very satisfied with the progress they are making. Overall, I felt that the breed was in good form; heads have improved significantly over the past few years, strong jaws, wedge shaped heads and flat skulls are near universal, especially in the males. Soundness has improved, good construction meaning that most of the exhibits moved well and a good number displaying the ideal extended trot in front. Bitches are still stronger overall than males but the gap has closed and I was pleased to see so many masculine dogs in the ring, I expect that 5 or 6 of the puppy/junior bitches here will be vying for CCs next year. All exhibits had good, dense and glossy coats which was good and another point of progress.

A couple of points to watch out for, while tail-set was ok on most exhibits, far too many are displaying gay tails, this is very unattractive and ruins the classic outline of an ETT; and quite a number of exhibits had very light eyes, please be careful with this as it will be very difficult to breed out if it gets into bloodlines.

Derfel Owen



MPD1 Seaton’s Witchstone Vanguard. Confident, sound and well handled. Correct for size, and shape, with slight arch over back, good depth of chest, straight front and well angulated hindquarters. His head needs time to develop but he has dark eyes and well set and carried ears. Needs to settle on the move, but this is acceptable in a young puppy. Will go far. 2 Cross’ Pedara the World is Mine, well marked with good rich tan. Well angulated with long neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Moved well. 3 Howard’s Lasagesse Supersonic.

PD 1 Gourley and Leonard’s Witchstone Odds on Favourite. Smart and elegant and more developed than his litter brother. In excellent condition with gleaming coat. Good rich tan with clear markings; dark, obliquely set eyes; high set, candle flame ears and excellent wedge shaped head. He is shapely with correct arch over the back and well angulated, but he needs to strengthen a little in hindquarters to be in the top drawer.

JD1 Williams’ Royomas Walking in Memphis with Sharex. Sound and masculine, but I hope he has stopped growing now. Wedge shaped head with strong jaw and high set ears that he carries well. Straight front, slight arch over the back and well angulated hindquarters. He moved well, but I think he’d benefit from a bigger ring to show off in style.

ND 1 Cross’ Pedara the World is Mine. 2 Howard’s Lasagesse Starman. Liked his tan and markings. Wedge shaped head with well set and carried ears.

GD1 Howard’s Lasagesse Starman.

PGD 1 Wood’s Moretonia Easter Parade. Shapely, with good angulation and slight arch over back. Wedge shaped head with flat skull and strong jaw. Well set and carried tail. 2 Perry’s Neerodan Top Notch, preferred the head of the winner. He has well set and carried, candleflame ears. Good rich tan and well marked.

LD 1 Nowell and Crossling’s Lasagesse Major Tom. Loved his head; wedge shaped, flat skull and strong jaw. Well set and carried ears, dark and obliquely set eyes. Long graceful neck leading to well laid shoulders and slight arch over the back. He is super sound on the move, reasonable extension in front, flowing with good drive from hindquarters. Has an excellent rapport with his handler who gets the very best out of him. RCC. 2 Perry’s Neerodan Just the Ticket. Good for size, moved well with reasonable drive from well angulated hindquarters. Well set and carried tail. 3 Kagzi’s Witchstone Pray You Catch Me.

OD This was a very pleasing class, although a variety of types, all were worthy examples for the Open class and were masculine. 1 Inch’s Edalene Grace and Danger. A super dog, classing English Toy Terrier outline, oozing quality and breed type. He has excellent rich tan and clear marking, well set and carried ears. Long, graceful, slightly arched neck leads to well placed shoulder and slightly arched topline that he carried on the move. His front extension was ideal with good drive from behind. He has classic ETT head, wedge shaped, clean lines and a string jaw, fit for purpose. Well set and carried tail. Very pleased to award him the CC. 2 Snell’s Ch Moretonia Kindle Fire. He is a favourite of mine, as I find his movement is super, a wonderful extended trot with strong drive from behind, flowing naturally with his tail carried perfectly. On balance I preferred the head and markings of the winner but he is a worthy champion. 3 Allsop’s Pelugias All Fired Up.

SBD 1 Seaton’s Witchstone Vanguard. 2 Howard’s Lasagesse Starman.

MPB 1 Gourley & Leonard’s Witchstone Fancy a Flutter. Loved this bitch. She has a nicely shaped head with a bit more room to develop, well set and carried ears, dark eyes, rich tan and correct markings. Her front extension is perfect, she flows around the ring effortlessly, maintaining her slightly arched topline and carrying her tail well. I think there’s something special here, with a bit more time to mature and develop, she will be storming the ring. RCC, RBIS & BPIS. 2 Love’s Lasagesse Morning Glory. Very much still a puppy with time for her head and body to grow and develop. She has good tan and markings, is well angulated and moved well. Candle-shaped ears, high set and carried well. 3 Cross’ Pedara Shine a Light.

PB A good quality class which bodes well for the future. 1 Dicker’s Neerodan Made It Make It.  A sound and confident mover which gave her this class. Good rich tan with clear markings. Shapely bitch, straight front, well laid shoulder, deep chest, slightly arched back, well angulated hindquarters which give her drive on the move. I expect she’ll make it to the top in due course. 2 Cox’ Pelugias Light Up My Life at Petitpaws. A bit larger but a quality bitch who moved well with good extension and drive from her hindquarters. Nice rich tan and clear markings. 3 Dixon’s Lasagesse Definitely Maybe.

JB 1 Wines’ Etruria Out of Words. An elegant and stylish bitch, handled to get the best out of her. Correct for size, feminine and shapely, with a long, slightly arched neck, deep chest, well sprung ribs, slightly curved back. Has a good extension in front but would benefit from a bit more drive from behind to give her a true flowing action. Well set and carried tail. 2 Crawley’s Royomas Tennesse Waltz to Adargwn. I preferred her head, but she was not moving as well as 1, she needs to settle a bit as she matures. Feminine outline, wedge shaped head with flat skull and well set ears. Good tailset. 3 Cox’ Pelugias the Secret’s Out at Petitpaws.

NB 1 Leslie’s Moretonia Easter Chick. This bitch was in excellent condition, her coat dense and gleaming and with good muscle tone. Nicely wedge shaped head, with well placed ears, long, graceful neck. 2 Reeve’s Indizak Anne Bronte. Compact, good for size. Good tan and markings, well set tail.

GB1 Crawley’s Royomas Tennesse Waltz to Adargwn. 2 Leslie’s Moretonia Whisper in Oz. Quality and well constructed but, but I felt she lacked fluidity in movement. Wedge shaped head, flat skull; dark, almond shaped eyes and well set and carried ears.

PGB 1 Allsop’s Pelugias Naughty but Nice. A very classic bitch with typical headpiece, wedge shaped, strong jaw, flat skull; well set and carried ears. Graceful neck flowing into well set shoulders, slightly arched back, well set and carried tail. Moved well with good drive. 2 Reeve’s Indizak Anne Bronte. 3 Owens’ Indizac Charlotte Bronte at Russiatree.

LB The most difficult class of the day to judge with some good quality bitches but a huge variety of types to differentiate between 1 Allsop’s Pelugias Eternal Flame, overall I felt she had the most classic ETT outline, and I liked her typical head with good wedge shape, flat skull, dark and almond shaped eyes, well set ears. She moved well, with good extension and drive from well angulated hindquarters. 2 Fiers’ Thalcyon Springtime Star, a feminine bitch with much to like. Correct outline, with straight front, well laid shoulders, slight curve to her back, well set and carried tail. 3 Inch’s Edalene Never Let Me Go.

OB 1 Leonard’s Ch Witchstone Minnehaha, a very eyecatching bitch, she is very well constructed and sound, and has excellent profile movement, a true extended trot in front with good drive from well angulated hindquarters and moves with flowing effortlessness. Her headpiece is good; wedge shaped with strong jaw and well placed, candle flame ears, and small, dark sparkling eyes. Rich tan with good markings. Carries her low set tail perfectly. BCC & BIS. 2 Kagzi & Ramsden’s Ch Witchstone Siouxsie Sioux, another quality, stylish and sound bitch with lovely flowing movement and good angulation. Good rich tan with correct markings. Well laid shoulders, slight curve over her back, well set tail. 3 Dicker’s Ch Neerodan Naughty Nancy.

VB 1 Allsop’s Ch Dumyat Belladonna. Despite her age, her qualities are still clear to see. In very good condition with thick, glossy coat. Her tan is still rich and her markings are clear. Well angulated, moved well with good extension and drive, maintaining her topline throughout. Low set tail that she carried correctly. 2 English & Mason’s Ch Witchstone Thid Tyme Lucky at Honeywand ShCM. A very sound bitch with excellent parallel movement coming and going, although lacking in extension. Well set and carried ears, dark eye. Straight front, slight curve over back that she maintained on the move, well set and carried tail. 3 Inch’s Ariane Oh What A Night at Edalene.

SBB 1 Fiers’ Thalcyon Springtime Star. 2 Love’s Lasagesse Morning Glory. 3 Reeve’s Indizak Anne Bronte.

Specials Classes

Specials Judge: Mr Ryan Ross (Karminy)

Special Junior Dog or Bitch
1st Etruria Out of Words
2nd Lasagesse Definitely Maybe
3rd Witchstone Odds on Favourite
Res Lasagesse Morning Glory
VHC Pelugias The Secrets Out at Petitpaws

Special Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 
1st Lasagesse Major Tom
2nd Witchstone Fancy a Flutter
3rd Moretonia Whisper in Oz
4th Lasagesse Starman

Special Open Dog or Bitch
1st Ch Witchstone Siouxsie Sioux
2nd Njabulo Jakayla
3rd Witchstone Pray You Catch Me

I was extremely happy with my entry numerically and with the quality of dog on display. Within the short period time I have been in the breed I believe the quality of dog has improved by leaps and bounds however, I still believe there are improvements to be made within the breed to make the dogs closer to the current breed standard.

Ryan Ross

Specials Judge


SJD/B– A super class with some brilliant youngsters who shall carry on the breed very well.
1stWines’ Etruria Out of Words This young, petite bitch captured my eye as soon as she walked into the ring. She commanded the ring with ease and gave me very little choice in choosing any other dog or bitch on display.  A stunning head with beautiful candle flame eyes that screamed English Terrier.  Her neck had a beautiful arch that flowed into a lovely top line, that she kept on the move throughout. Gorgeous front movement that gave her good reach in the front as well as the back, my only flaw was that she didn’t use her ears to the best of her ability but her elegance made up for it.

2ndDixons’ Lasagesse Definitely Maybe 6 months old and attending her very first show. She- just like 1- was very easy on the eye and caught my attention from the very beginning. Her neck arched gorgeously into her top line, which stayed the same the whole time she was on the move. She carries her distinct head well with beautiful candle flame ears that she used well throughout her time in the ring.  Very good front and back movement, which added to the very gorgeous, well- rounded bitch, the one small thing she lacked was maturity, which made her 2.

3rdGourley & Leonards’ Witchstone Odds on Favourite

1STNowell & Crosslings’ Lasagesse Major Tom, Just like all three of my class winners this boy grabbed my attention and didn’t want to let go of it. For a boy he had such feminine qualities about him and yet still had the qualities of a boy. Movement had such an amazing front reach that glided him around the ring with intent and style. A refined head that fitted the rest of his body like a jigsaw puzzle with ears set well on the top of his skull. Well sprung ribs with a good tail carriage to add, a stunning dog that has good things to come.

2ndGourley & Leonards’ Witchstone Fancy a Flutter Another young bitch who had the ability to capture the eye of the judge. Beautiful feminine features that gave her a very typey outline standing and on the move. She had the most gorgeous, rich dark tan to compliment her good markings. Well set front that carried her around the ring with a beautiful tail set. Once she matures she will become a very beautiful bitch.

3rd Leslie’s Moretonia Whisper in Oz

1stRamsden & Kagzi CH. Witchstone Siouxise Sioux.  Wow, this bitch continues to surprise me everytime I see her in the ring. I judged her before and awarded her Best of Breed and she is still ever inch of that Best of Breed winning bitch. Her movement allows her to float form end to end of the ring effortlessly. Her silhouette is stunning and creates the most stunning outline that was on display today. She is extremely well built form head to tail, which gives her the opportunity to move in the most amazing way, that she does.  She showed flawlessly and showed me why she has the title of champion, the easiest decision of the day.

2ndNowell & Crosslings’ Njabulo Jakayla, although this bitch was different form the winner I still found her a gorgeous specimen of the breed. Her movement was simply exceptional and showed off perfectly how well she is built, well sprung ribs with well placed hindquarters. Again just like one she and a gorgeous silhouette, which is so iconic for the breed. Petite feet that continued her gorgeous silhouette, a tad short in back for my liking and didn’t have as typey head as 1 but a very strong contender in a very strong class.

3rdRamsden & Kagzi’s Witchstone Prey You Catch Me.

Junior Handling

Judge: Mr Graeme Dixon (Lasagesse)

Best Junior Handler Izzy Perry


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Marked up catalogue available here

The English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Club held its 80th Anniversary Championship breed show on November the 3rd at Balsall Common Coventry. The show attracted an entry of 76 dogs with 113 entries which is way above the average entry of 54 for this show in particular and 38 for championship shows in general. Our judges was Mr Derfel Owen (Sirfon) a respected and experienced breed specialist who started his show career as a youngster in the ETT community. Our Specials Judge Master Ryan Ross (Karminy) is at the other end of the scale and this youngster is embarking on the same judging journey as Derfel. The ETT Club is fortunate to have younger enthusiastic members who are willing to be mentored by willing and highly experienced older members.  Junior Handling was judged in the lunch break by Mr Graeme Dixon.

This shows was the clubs final show in its celebration year and typically everyone enjoyed the friendly, supportive and sporting atmosphere. The day was rounded off with some bubbly and cake and our recently appointed Patron Shirley Ellis-Jones was in attendance and performed the cutting of the cake assisted by Derfel Owen. Shirley and Ted Ellis-Jones are life members of the club with many years of service so it was a delight to be able to renew old friendships after their recent absence. 

The exhibitors commented on how smoothly the show ran and in particular the high quality of the catering. Johnny Richardson produced some a CDs of his own music which were raffled raising £100 for club fund in addition to the usual raffle.

The final word should go to the members so here are some random genuine comments overheard and noted. : –
“it’s a lovely atmosphere isn’t it?’  ‘ Yes, and has been for the last 3 club shows.
“How are you feeling health wise these days?’ ‘Well, sort of dead, but with breathing and movement’.
‘The only thing this show lacks is some Avocado’
‘ It’s the one between my husband’s legs’
‘ No, I don’t know what’s been left in the gents lavatory, but I hope it isn’t something that’s gonna involve flushing the loo!’
‘I’ve been asked to torment you. No, sorry that’s not the word. Mentor you, that’s it mentor. Although it may feel like one and the same thing’
‘That dog looks a really masculine dog and the bitch very feminine ‘ ‘ Yes, well that would be the purpose of the exercise’.
Comment to the judge ‘How was your lunch?’ his reply ‘Same as yours but in a different room’.  

Such fun.

Patricia Newton


To The Officers and Committee,
Congratulations to you all for the most excellent show last Saurday.
We were so pleased that we could attend, the atmosphere was what it should be, so much so that we hope the be at the next one.
Having in the past catered at many shows I appreciate the hard work put in by those in the kitchen to poduce quality meals and thank you for our lunch.
It was great meeting up once again with familiar faces and sharing stories of yesteryear.
I only hope that this letter of appreciation of all the hard work you all put in makes you realise that the effort was worth while.
Give yourselves a big pat on the back.
Best wishes for the future.

Shirley Ellis-Jones (Brynlythe)

Club Patron

A huge thank you to those who made kind donations for the raffle. Lisa Dixon did a fabulous job selling tickets and we raised £120 for club funds!

Johnny Richardson put together a limited edition ETT Club 80th Anniversary CD of recordings from his music career and kindly donated 5 copies to be won in a special raffle raising an additional £100. Thank you to Johnny and those who bought tickets.

A shoutout to heroes of the day, Hazel and Colin Haffenden who slaved away in the kitchen, and as always, provided a lovely lunch. Thank you! Your hard work is very much appreciated.