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Breed Welfare & Rescue



Very occasionally an English Toy Terrier or its owner may fall on hard times. The Official English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Club welfare is here to offer help and support tailored to the needs of the dog and its owners circumstances. In some cases short term fostering is needed when an owner has to go into hospital for example. In other cases adoption is the answer when an owner dies for instance. Very rarely dogs need to be removed from a high risk situation and brought to a place of safety.

The ETT Clubs dedicated welfare volunteers work with individuals, rescue centres and animal welfare organisations to secure the best outcome for any ETT in need. We rely on donations to fund our work but most importantly we need potential foster carers or adopters who are prepared to help us in our important work. Offering to foster or adopt should not be taken lightly as sometimes rehoming can be challenging. Typically each year less than a handful of ETTs need our help however matching the dogs to the right foster carer or adopter can be a challenged. We need a pool of people to enable us to get a good match of dog to fosterer/adopter spread widely throughout the country.

If you would like to be considered for fostering or adopting please get in touch. If you know of an ETT dog or owner in need also please get in in touch with me:

Michelle Wild
2 Nevis St, Rochdale, Lancs, OL11 2EE
Tel 0170 666 5157
Mob 07847 821065
Email [email protected]

If you know of an ETT at risk or that you believe is being neglected or mistreated contact the RSPCA without delay and also let the secretary know.

Our work is undertaken with discretion and sensitivity.

Michelle Wild

Welfare Officer

No dogs available at the moment.

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Dogs available for rehoming

Please contact me if you require more information about rehoming a dog.

Michelle Wild

Breed Welfare Officer